Term Two!

We have had a great start to the year, adding a fun new Preschool class to our line-up. Parents are really enjoying the fact that even though their children are different ages, our 2018 schedule means they can enrol both children in parallel classes at the same time! Less to coordinate on the weekly calendar 🙂

The April School Holiday programme is in full swing with lots of kids turning up for new adventures each day. We are ending the week on a high with Carnival on Thursday and Pasifika Storytelling on Friday ( in partnership with the amazing Ura Tabu Pacific Dance company).

Enrolments for Term Two are now open! Our theme for Term Two is Improvisation.

We teach each class improvisational technique, according to their ages and stages. Listening, making creative offers, accepting and developing each other’s ideas, building scenarios as a team… These are great life skills, and so much fun! We play lots of games and pick up skills through long-form exercises. The students are amazed and very entertained by the characters and stories they come up with.


  • first class Wed 2nd May
  • last class Wed 4th July

Please click around the site for more info and go to the Enrol page to register your child. We love to hear from you so please send any queries through to us at brickworksdrama@gmail.com