Watch our Movie! – Search for the Selfish Elves

We’re delighted to share Brickworks’ first movie – “Search for the Selfish Elves”! It’s our Christmas present to you 🙂 We’re so grateful to live and work in a community full of film and TV professionals who helped us make this 30 min festive film!

Written, directed, and produced by Natascha Diaz and Lauren Jackson with the support of the Creative Communities Scheme and the Henderson-Massey Local Board.

The story…

The good people of Te Atatū Peninsula love to celebrate Christmas… but not this year. Somehow everyone’s lost the Christmas spirit, and there’s talk of cancelling all the festivities! A tip-off from a local reveals that a group of outcast elves have started a vendetta against Santa. Te Atatū’s journalists and detectives team up to launch the Search for the Selfish Elves! Can they find them before the elves destroy the Christmas spirit forever?

The making of…

In 2020 Brickworks Drama School, directed by Lauren Jackson and Natascha Diaz, embarked on an ambitious creative project. Lauren and Natascha wrote and shot a short film with all of their 50 drama students (ages 3 – 14) in Te Atatū Peninsula. Filming began in August and the film was shot on weekends and evenings – 10 shoot days in total. Production and post-production stalled several times due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, but the Christmas spirit has prevailed, and the film is now ready to share! “Search for the Selfish Elves” is truly a local labour of love – a beautiful Christmas story about the power of community and family. Local artists and creatives have joined forces to create this uplifting story.